This page will be organized differently in the future, but here's some artwork for the time being.

1. NPC Portraits
2. Monsters
3. Title screens

ReSpite NPC portrait artwork

Various NPC artwork. The NPC's portrait will show when you talk to them in-game. Some of these NPCs will become familiar faces fairly early in the game while others might remain a mystery for quite a while.

ReSpite monster concept art

Concept art for monster designs. Some will be fairly harmless while others will be nightmarish. Tough battles ahead!

ReSpite 2014 concept title screen
2014-07-23: Our original title screen that was used to test the game before we went public. Not a very inspired effort.
ReSpite 2017 Gilrend vs Bone Dragon title screen
2017-12-10: Prepared for our closed test. We decided to go with more interesting artwork rather than some generic scenery.
ReSpite 2018 Combat Training title screen
2018-05-24: To celebrate the addition of basic combat and PvP in v2, this title screen was born!

ReSpite 2018 ReSpawn title screen
2018-08-05: A player respawns at a save point, circa v3!

ReSpite logo concept

We went through 20 different logo designs before settling on this one. The final logo still had some revisions, of course.