Version 4 - 10/22/2018

Game Client Additions

+Emotes Interface which also allows permanent eye/mouth altercation
+Hair Stylist Interface
+Background Music System
+Profile message editing in general tab
+Experience bar
+Player blocking system in Social tab
+Player mask layer
+Loading screen displays instead of black screen during pre-menu initialization
+Setting Options - BGM on/off
+Setting Options - BGM volume bar

Game World Additions

+20 new maps
+9 masks
+1 hat
+1 tops
+4 bottoms
+1 shoes
+2 ingredients
+4 background music tracks
+Galmet at the Astrell Armory
+Torbey at the Ilm Cafe
+New items in the Ilm General Store
+Alyssa the hair stylist at the Astrell Inn
%Increased drop rates by 25%
%New Halloween candy item ( seasonal event item )