Frequently Asked Questions

Although many of these questions have not been asked yet, we'd like to think that in the future, they might be!

What's respite?

The word is defined as a moment of rest from something difficult. A fitting name since we expect players will spend a lot of time socializing when they're not in combat.

Is this an Endless Online private server?

Our work is entirely original. The coding and assets for our game are made from scratch. We used to play Endless Online and have fond memories from it; however, our goal is not to make a clone of EO. We fancy ourselves as a spiritual successor of sorts. We aim to inherit everything that made Endless Online (and The Forbidden Gates) enjoyable, plus expand on it with real gameplay and a storyline.

Why didn't you make the game 3D?

To put it simply, we just like the look of 2D isometric graphics. We grew up playing old-school arcade and console games. We like 3D graphics, but 2D will always have a special place in our hearts.

What will the gameplay be like?

We intend to make the game require effort to play. That is, we want to design monsters to have interesting attacks, not just walking up to the players and getting themselves killed. Monsters and bosses won't be the only obstacles for the players. We have big plans to make the game challenging to play.

I heard big talk about the storyline. Is it that good?

One key aspect of our game will be the player's impact on the storyline. We have plans for a player-run government system, as well as options for players to live as heroes, defending the kingdom, or rebels, causing mischief for personal gain. Furthermore, there will be events where the outcome will depend on the choices and actions of the players. Every NPC in the game will have a name, personality, and backstory, which may be featured prominently in certain quests.

What kind of quests will there be?

We're going into uncharted MMO territory here - we intend to have zero quests asking you to "go collect 10 goat horns" or "go kill 30 blobs". Our quests will be carefully designed to require thought and effort to complete. Each quest will be a challenge of skill and wit. We also have plans for varying NPC dialogue options in quests, similar to games like Fallout or Skyrim, allowing players to be more engaged.

What's all this about social aspects?

In all reality, the game will likely have a low playerbase compared to more popular MMOs. There will most likely only be one server for all players around the world, meaning there's a good chance you'll encounter the same people on a regular basis. That being the case, players will be able to easily gain fame in the community if they choose to. Our plans for character customization will help ensure players are able to stand out with unique appearances. We also intend to design many aspects of the game to encourage players to interact with each other, including competitive minigames, cooperative quests, and the ever-changing game politics and storyline.

What exactly do you mean by 'character customization'?

All weapons, clothing, and armor in the game will have no stats. This will allow players to truly choose how they want to appear with no penalties. Furthermore, we have dozens of hairstyles and several colors to choose from. Hairstyles themselves will also be customizable, allowing for over 500 unique possibilities. There are currently 36 base hairstyles to choose from and 44 hair length options (e.g. ponytails, braids, long hair; note that these can only be applied to 16 of the base hairstyles). With all these options, we hope that it will be uncommon to find 2 players that look exactly alike.

How can it be an RPG if equipment doesn't give any stats?

We have a separate system planned to allow players to increase their stats. More details to be announced at a later date.

What classes will the game have?

It's too early to say exactly. We're planning our classes very carefully with the intentions of making it so each class feels specialized and unique. Skills and spells will go beyond simply having different status effects or damage values - we intend to design each skill and spell to have its own purpose and way of functioning. Somewhat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, we also intend to allow players to 'borrow' skills from other classes as secondary skills.

What's the financial situation?

At the moment, we're paying for all costs out of our own pockets. Once the game is more established, we'll accept donations. In the future, we might also sell some items for real money. Rest assured that there won't be any game-breaking cash items, plus we intend to allow players to trade cash items with others players in-game. Maintaining a balanced game is one of our top priorities.

When will the game be released to the public?

It's hard to say at the moment. Our programmer and artist typically spend at least a few hours every day working on the project. Our progress is looking fairly promising, though. We're hoping to have some sort of public client by the end of 2017, but that's somewhat optimistic.

What are the system requirements?

The game currently runs on Windows and has minimal requirements. We're unsure at the moment if it will be able to run on other operating systems, but we are taking it into consideration. More details will be announced at a later date.

Is that the Danno I think it is?

Probably. Danno used to make lots of fan art and Flash animations in his Endless Online days. He also contributed equipment and hairstyle graphics to The Forbidden Gates, as well as a trading card game.

Can I join the team?

We probably won't need anyone else on the team. We might consider appointing moderators when the community gets bigger.

Can I have free gold?