Game Basics

Basic Controls

Movement - Arrow keys

Sit on floor - F11

Attack - F1

Note: If other players are in your way, just keep moving into them and you'll eventually pass through.


Management - Click the Items button to open your inventory. You can move items around by clicking the item once to select it, then clicking a different slot within your inventory.

Gathering - If you find an item on the floor, click it to pick it up!

Dropping - Select an item in your inventory, then click a nearby floor tile to drop it.

Equipping - Double-click an item in your inventory to equip it. To unequip an item, click the Profile button in your inventory, go to the Style tab, then right-click the item you want to remove.

Interacting with the World

In most cases, simply walk into what you want to interact with. To stop interacting, walk away. You can use doors, signposts, treasure chests, and chairs in this way.

Once a chest is open, it basically functions the same way as your inventory.


Simply begin typing, then push the Enter key to send your message. To direct your message to the intended audience, click on the desired chat tab to change where your messages go.

Local Chat - This channel sends a message only to players that are nearby.

Global Chat - This channel allows all players to stay connected throughout the entire game's world.

Private Message - To send a private message to a specific player, type a message in this format: !Name Message

Alternately, you can open the Social window and click the PM icon to prepare a message to a friend. Once chat has been initiated with a specific player, go to the PM Tabs channel and click on the name of the person you wish to chat with.

Chat Commands

Type these commands in-game to gain information!

#ping - Shows how long it takes for you to ping the server.

#loc - Shows your current map ID and coordinates.

#usage - Shows how long you've been playing.


Window - You can resize the game by moving your cursor to the edge of the window, then drag and drop it to your desired size. Note that it currently doesn't smooth the graphics, so the pixels will stretch in a way that is not optimal for viewing.