The Re:Spite Team consists of 1 programmer, 1 artist, and 1 musician. With our skills combined, a game is born! Our goal is to create a lightweight game where each player has the potential to change the game's world through social interactions and by taking part in storyline events. Re:Spite will have strong social aspects and cooperative-oriented gameplay, bringing the "multiplayer" back into Multiplayer Online RPG. In our world, players will not exist as faceless quest-doers; make a name for yourself and leave your mark on Re:Spite's history!

Abi [Programmer] - Our ace programmer, solely responsible for coding the game from scratch and maintaining the server. Brings all our ideas to life.

Danno [Artist] - In charge of all artwork, including pixel art, concept art, and NPC portraits. Plays a large role in designing and planning gameplay aspects, as well as doing some writing on the side.

Skutieos [Musician] - Lives a lifestyle filled with playing instruments and composing music. All the sick tunes you'll hear in the game come from this guy!

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