The Re:Spite Team consists of 1 programmer, 1 artist, 1 writer, and 1 musician. With our skills combined, a game is born! Our goal is to create a lightweight game where each player has the potential to change the game's world through social interactions and by taking part in storyline events. Re:Spite will have strong social aspects and cooperative-oriented gameplay, bringing the "multiplayer" back into Multiplayer Online RPG. In our world, players will not exist as faceless quest-doers; make a name for yourself and leave your mark on Re:Spite's history!

Abi [Programmer] - Our ace programmer, solely responsible for coding the game and maintaining the server. Brings all our ideas to life.

Danno [Artist] - In charge of all artwork, including pixel art, concept art, and NPC portraits. Plays a large role in designing and planning gameplay aspects, as well as a minor role in writing. Uses GraphicsGale for pixel art.

Nate [Writer] - Comes up with settings, storylines, names, and NPC designs. Contributes to gameplay design and planning. The only member of the team living outside of North America. Current head of public relations.

Skutieos [Musician] - Lives a lifestyle filled with playing instruments and composing music. Waiting for the game to be ready for music.

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