What brought our team together to develop this MMO? Find out below!

Paracosm captured my exact sentiments quite well, so I have little to add. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Growing up with the NES, SNES, and Gameboy, I developed a strong appreciation for pixel art. It's been my dream to make video games ever since the year 2000. More specifically, it's been my dream to make a 2D isometric MMORPG since 2004. At the time, I didn't know the first thing about developing a game, but I went ahead and started making some graphics, anyway. In 2005, I discovered Endless Online, which I felt was pretty much the next best thing, so I scrapped my poorly drawn graphics and plans. Endless was terribly flawed, but it truly was an irreplaceable experience.

One of my favourite parts was how easy it was to talk to other players. For years, EO had no stats at all, making level ups completely meaningless. It was also fairly easy to get any piece of equipment in the game. That being the case, there was basically no reason for anyone to grind level ups or farm materials. Players had freedom to interact with each other and make the game what they wanted it to be, at least to some capacity. With this opportunity established, players could always be seen hanging out for a chat, occasionally going on adventures or killing monsters at their own pace. Of course, we intend for Re:Spite to have actual game content, but we also intend to ensure this social aspect remains strong. I want players to be able to focus on having fun and interacting with each other, not just mindlessly grinding or farming for rare items.

Playing a game so heavily focused on socializing, I built many lifetime friendships and also met the woman of my dreams. With everyone I encountered in the game, I was able to easily express myself with my appearance, manner of speech, personality, and views. I was able to get to know people on a very personal level; the way they portrayed themselves in the game usually turned out to be a very accurate reflection of what they were like in real life. There's just nothing quite like it. My life was changed in such positive ways that I feel this same type of experience should be available to everyone. EO's time has passed, though. It's time to start fresh with more detailed graphics, higher quality artwork, actual gameplay, an engaging story, and an active playerbase.