Welcome to Re:Spite! Our game is a 2D isometric MMORPG, entirely free to play. Our game has strong social aspects and character customization. We're still in early stages of development and barely have a combat system, but please look forward to entering our world and making your mark on the game.

Re:Spite MMO news v5.0: Dawn of Crafting

February 23, 2019 by Danno

At last, v5 is here! This update brings in the crafting system, which allows players to take certain materials to NPCs and get a new item in return. Some new equipment is available exclusively through this method. Aside from that, we have 2 new monsters, a few new places to explore, updated old maps, new graphics scattered throughout the world, and more hairstyle options. For a more detailed summary, check out the changelog. There are also 2 new skin tone options for new characters - there will eventually be a way to change your skin post-creation, so be patient if you want a new skin tone!

We rebalanced a few things within the game while we were at it in hopes of making the game a little more accessible to newbs (and less easy for high level players). Hoping to have more prepared for this release, we put in many hours this week, but we ultimately ran out of time, unfortunately. If we can muster up the strength, more maps and some bite-sized updates might be rolled out within the next few weeks!

As always, if you encounter any bugs, please post about it so we can fix it!

Re:Spite MMO news Guess What

February 13, 2019 by Abi

Hello. We're excited to announce that we are releasing v5.0 on February 23rd. This release will include new core features, new game assets, improvements on existing systems, and bug fixes. We hope to see you online.

Yours Truly ~ Abi.

Re:Spite MMO news A Slow New Year

January 27, 2019 by Danno

Well, we certainly didn't expect an update to take this long, but here we are with nothing! The team has had minimal time and energy to work on the game this month, largely due to our new jobs in real life. In our workplaces, we're still adjusting to things like new schedules, new protocol, and work that is more physically demanding.

Although we're not accomplishing as much as we'd like to, we're still motivated to continue development on the game. We are actually spending some time coming up with ideas to optimize the game's performance amidst its increasing demands, as well as working on some early writing/planning for quests. However, our aim is to release more tangible updates - something our recent efforts have fallen short of. Anyway, we're hoping we'll have something to show before long. Just wanted to keep you, the general public, informed that we haven't thrown in the towel!