Welcome to Re:Spite! Our game is a 2D isometric MMORPG, entirely free to play. Our game has strong social aspects and character customization. We're still in early stages of development and barely have a combat system, but please look forward to entering our world and making your mark on the game.

Re:Spite MMO news Art Contest: Decor

February 01, 2020 by Danno

In the latest Weekly Spoiler post, I gave a sneak peek at some new pixelated paintings that will be used to decorate the game's world. It turned out to be a pretty fun change of pace for me, so I thought I'd share the fun with everyone else.

Introducing Re:Spite's first art contest! It's fairly simple: you draw a Re:Spite-themed picture, I select some winner(s), then I remake the drawing as an in-game painting. Here are some guidelines to follow:

*The submission should be of something found in-game. It can be creatively arranged, such as my painting of Re:Spite fruits in a bowl (despite no bowl existing in-game).

*Feel free to use your own colors and style! The submission doesn't require matching characteristics to what inspired it.

*The submission should not be an exact replica of what inspired it. For example, if you want to draw a monster or NPC, try drawing it in a different pose compared to how it's seen in-game.

*It would be preferable for the submission to have a background, not just have a white background.

*It would be preferable for the submission to be fully colored.

*The submission should be at least 400x400 px in size, but you can make it bigger.

*The submission does not have to be high quality work - it can have sketchy line art, messy coloring, or even be crudely drawn. Feel free to draw it in MS Paint or an online drawing app if you don't have dedicated art software. Non-artists are welcome to give this a shot!

*You can loosely keep in mind how small the paintings are in-game, so don't worry too much about the smaller details. Don't be afraid to draw things however you want, though; leave the scaling worries to me!

You have until February 22, 2020 to turn in your work. Just go ahead and post it in this topic when it's ready. Limit of 3 submissions per person, 1 prize per person. I'm not sure how many winners I'll select, it'll just be based on what I personally feel like adding to the game. The winner(s) will also receive some sort of item prize in-game and potentially have their work featured on our barren "Fan Art" page!

Re:Spite MMO news Re:Spite 2020

January 27, 2020 by Danno

Well, it's a new year, and it has been for a few weeks. Our homepage looked like it could use a new post for 2020, so here we are! I don't have anything special to announce at this time, I'm basically just letting everyone out there know we're still alive and working on the game when we can. Once again, work schedules in real life have not been kind to us, so development is looking a little slow for the time being. It's hard to say how things will turn out, but we're hoping to have more time and energy for the game than we did last year.

With each year of development, we take some steps closer to having a more enjoyable game on our hands. How about a quick recap?

*2014-2016: Early concepts, drafts, planning, and testing.

*2017: Functional maps, players able to login, player customization, basic inventory/equipment system, basic chat system, and interactive elements such as chairs introduced!

*2018: The game is enhanced by character creation with true customization, player profile windows, interactive treasure chests and signposts, basic combat including monsters and PvP stadium, leveling up, monster drops, NPC shops, save points, custom emotes, and music!

*2019: A crafting system and backend improvements are implemented.

2018 was a pretty impressive year for Re:Spite whereas we pretty much dropped the ball in 2019. We're hoping to do better and get that ball rolling again this year, though. Our plans for 2020 include a trading system, party system, and dungeons that focus more on puzzle solving and teamwork rather than grinding. If our real life schedules cooperate, we're hoping to do much more, but I suppose we'll just have to see how things go. In the meantime, we always appreciate feedback and encouragement; your support helps keep us motivated!

Re:Spite MMO news Tiny Xmas Event

December 21, 2019 by Danno

Things have been busy again in real life, but I'll try and throw a little Christmas event. During the designated event times, you'll have to find Santa Claus in-game and talk to him. You will then be sent to another map with 5 skallug shells on the floor and will be permitted to take one at a time. If there's nothing underneath, you can pick up another one. If there's 1 gold underneath, your game of chance ends and you receive 1 item for each shell you picked up. If there's a skallug jewel underneath, you get a special prize!

These are the planned event times (note that the in-game clock is set to UTC):

*December 21 at 2:00PM ~ 3:00PM EST (December 21 at 7:00PM ~ 8:00PM UTC)

*December 21 at 8:00PM ~ 9:00PM EST (December 22 at 1:00AM ~ 2:00AM UTC)

*December 22 at 10:00AM ~ 11:00AM EST (December 22 at 3:00PM ~ 4:00PM UTC)

*December 22 at 5:00PM ~ 6:00PM EST (December 22 at 10:00PM ~ 11:00PM UTC)

*December 23 at 6:30PM ~ 7:00PM EST (December 23 at 11:30PM ~ 12:00AM UTC)

*December 25 at 11:00AM ~ 11:30AM EST (December 25 at 4:00PM ~ 4:30PM UTC)

Note: The December 23 event has been pushed forward 30 minutes from its original time due to a work schedule change. I can't guarantee I'll make it on time!