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Re:Spite isometric 2D MMO sprite


An open world awaits your exploration! Re:Spite is a free-to-play indie MMORPG with 2D isometric graphics. We aim to provide an MMO experience with minimal grind and active social interaction between players! The world operates on a grid-based tile system, which blends real-time action with somewhat tactical combat. The grid simplifies attack ranges, as well as the positions of players, monsters, interactive objects, and dropped items. Here's a screenshot of our world!

Re:Spite - a 2D isometric MMORPG.
2D isometric female mage sprite

2D pixel art monsters Birbek and Tumblok

Re:Striction-Free Expression!

Re:Spite's deep character customization allows players to create a unique individual and stand out from the crowd!

  • Piece together your own hairstyle to produce hundreds of possibilities with over a dozen colors to choose from!
  • Mix and match eyes, mouths, and head shapes to give your character a unique personality and expression!
  • Finally, bring it all together by giving your character whatever equipment you like the looks of.
Customize your own 2D pixel characters in ReSpite!

In Re:Spite, your creative expression is free from the wretched paywalls that force all newbs to look alike in other games. All hair and face options are available without having to pay real money! Furthermore, you're free to equip your favorite items without having to worry about missing out on stats - our cosmetic equipment system is completely separate from items that boost stats! Look the way you want, not the way the game dictates.

With unique appearances at hand, players can more easily identify each other and feel more compelled to communicate with randoms! Re:Spite includes several other social features to promote interactivity between players, including speech bubbles, the freedom to type while playing, hangouts with increased recovery times, and multiplayer minigames.

Plomago, the most popular fruit in Re:Spite!

Re:Search the Region!

The world is vast and filled with many secrets. Let your instincts guide you through forked roads, caves, and forests to discover new towns, dungeons, and shortcuts. Will you play it safe with the scenic route or fight your way through a quicker, more dangerous path?

Interact with NPCs to become familiar with new regions and lore! Every town has its own unique NPCs, each of which has its own name, illustrated portrait, and dialogue. Take matters into your own hands and choose your own adventure! Some NPCs have branching dialogue options, allowing players to gain new information or discover different outcomes based on their own input. Play your cards right and you might unlock a new quest or learn about a hidden area!

Re:Spite MMORPG illustrated portraits for interactive NPCs.
Re:Spite 2D pixel art character and Spotworm

Re:Shape the World!

Re:Spite illustration - player queen on throne passing frivolous laws.

Re:Spite allows players to rise up and take control of kingdoms, giving rulers the power to set taxes, change laws, manage their region, and wage war against other kingdoms!

Dissatisfied with the ruler's high taxes and laws that land you in jail for walking around towns barefoot? Time for a rebellion! Players can become rebels, giving them access to special abilities that allow criminal activity, protests, and even civil war! Rally support and dethrone the tyrant! That is, if you can get past their defenses...

Halt, scumbag!

Re:Spite illustration - players forming an angry mob to dethrone the tyrant.

Compliant players might hear a different calling - that of the hero! Kingdoms may appoint heroes to keep the population under control and enemies at bay. Heroes gain special privileges from the kingdom, as well as special abilities that allow them to identify and arrest criminals.

Meanwhile, some players might wish to remain uninvolved. Players who choose to live as citizens have special access to employment opportunities, like farming or running stores.

Your place in Re:Spite is up to you! Players are free to change their role as they see fit, but gain more options the longer they stick with a role. Beyond these roles, players are also free to create their own legends, gain fame, and even have an impact on the game's world or lore.

Re:Spec to Mix Things Up!

Players will be able to choose from several classes to gain new builds and skills with more classes being added as development progresses! Each class will encourage a certain play style, changing the way the player approaches the game. Stat builds are automatically assigned to each class, saving players the worry of ruining their character.

Didn't pick the right skills? No problem. Skills can be Re:Set and Re:Selected. Didn't pick the right class? Not to worry! You can change your class anytime! Your progress in previous classes is saved, allowing you to switch back and forth without losses. The skills you've learned from previous classes will still be accessible as secondary skills, allowing you to create the class of your dreams.

Re:Spite MMO illustration - multiclassing to personalize your character build.

Re:Solve Your Doubts!

Re:Spite aims to be an engaging game rather than another grindy MMORPG.

  • Minimal grind - We believe games should be designed for humans, not robots. Level ups will come naturally with main quests, meaning players won't be required to grind monsters for several hours. Players can enjoy the game without it being like a second job.
  • An open world - There are no level restrictions to enter new areas. If you can keep yourself alive, go ahead and explore!
  • A multiplayer RPG - Each class has a strength and weakness beyond their base stats. While possible to explore alone, some areas will strongly encourage you to travel in a party.
  • Meaningful quests - You can forget about clearing 30 rats out of the tavern's cellar or collecting 50 skeleton bones. Quests will generally take you on adventures involving exploration, interactive NPCs, puzzles, dungeons, bosses, and storylines.
  • Challenging combat - Monsters will have varying attack patterns and skills, some of which will compliment others. Artificial difficulty such as giant HP bars and evasion/luck stats will be avoided like the plague. Combat is keyboard-based and free of target locking and auto-attacking. Keep an eye on cues from monsters to dodge and attack at the right times!
  • Minigames - Test your abilities against the game and other players in a variety of activities.
  • Big plans - Travel by sea while risking naval combat with other players, tame wild monsters to ride, and influence the outcome of the game's lore during special story events. We're always thinking up new stuff to add to the game!

Re:Side in Our Community!

Re:Spite is currently offline as we're restructuring the game's code. We're not sure exactly when we'll be back online, so keep an eye out for updates!

Chat with us on Discord and follow us on social media to have updates conveniently delivered to you! We sometimes share works in progress and spoilers for future updates, plus you can chat directly with the developers, whether it's for fun or to provide feedback. Don't just sit there refreshing our homepage! Join us, kick back, and enjoy a moment of Re:Spite until we post our next announcement.