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No Updates!

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Well, it's official: we're in development hell! We haven't given up on the project, but life just hasn't slowed down enough for us to get back at it. We are but one programmer and one artist.

The old game client is still up and running for anyone wanting a trip down memory lane, or for newcomers desperately interested in what the graphics are like. It's unfortunate the gameplay is so bare bones; take it or leave it!

As always, we have hopes to return to this project someday. The best place to stay up-to-date is our Discord server:
When we have something worth announcing regarding real updates, we'll tag @everyone to let the people know. Don't worry, we won't spam ya with unnecessary fluff - for the record, we haven't made an @everyone post since May 2021!
"I'll do the art." ~Danno 2014
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