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Delays Expected

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Well, looks like we might not make that February release. There've been some complications, so we'll need a bit more time. We're thinking we should be able to release in March; I want to say early March, but I guess there's no telling what challenges lie ahead!

Honestly, the game is basically ready for a simple release as it is. We've added a PM system and refined various other features. We want the game to be a bit more presentable, though. We're still working on the character creation system, which involves choosing your skin or hair colour. Unfortunately, the hairstyle system needs an overhaul before we can add colour options. Also, skins are waiting for the base sprite to be complete - including all attack animations. The game won't have proper combat at first, but we still need it done before we can add new outfits and skin options.

We could make new equipment only for the standing/sitting/walking frames and add the attack frames later, but the process of editing and recompiling everything is time consuming. It'd add a few minutes of work for each piece of equipment (male/female version, recolours, matching it up with the old file to replace it, etc.), which easily adds up to hours. Anyway, so we have to do things in order properly.

Male attack animations (front and back views) are sitting at approximately 80% completion. Once the male versions are done, they can basically be used as a template for the female sprites, which should make that a much faster process. Sorry for the continued wait!

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