v2.0: Basic Combat

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v2.0: Basic Combat

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We've got a fresh new update for you today, isometric fans!

This update introduces a basic combat system! We didn't want to add any restrictions to chatting with the keyboard's alphabet keys, so we decided to make F1 the attack key. In the future, we'll likely use F2 and beyond to activate skills. Along with basic combat, we do have a couple monsters in the game, which can be slain for experience. Of course, that also means you can level up! We have a basic class system in place that causes your stats to automatically increase by a certain amount based on your class and level. At this time, all players are defaulted to the "Newb" class - there are no other classes yet. Note that this is a very early stage of our combat system, so things will be subject to rebalancing later on.

New maps are accessible from the same map as the Warped Cavern entrance, including a path to a new town, which features a simple PvP stadium! When you're on a map with a stadium, just type #join to enter the next match. Each player has 3 hits, as well as a brief invincibility period after taking a hit. Your win/lose count is recorded on the server, though they aren't currently displayed in-game.

Other than that, we have some new items in the game. The shop system isn't ready yet, so obtaining items is the same as before - finding chests and hoping for the best. We've fixed several bugs that were reported from our previous release, plus we made other improvements to the interface based on your feedback! If you find any bugs in this release, we'd appreciate your continued reports and feedback to make the game better.

Lastly, Re:Spite now features an auto-updater. Simply try to login and the game will download the latest version like magic! This will not work with older versions of the client, however. Going forward, please make sure you're connecting to the game with v2 or later. That being the case, please head over to the Download page to get yourself a copy of v2!

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