v4.0: Age of Expression

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v4.0: Age of Expression

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It took much longer than we expected, but v4 is finally here! We have some nice little updates this time 'round, so hopefully the wait was worth it.

This update's highlights revolve around expressing yourself. At last, you can wash away any regrets you may have had when creating your character. You can now change your hairstyle and face at any time! Additionally, you can create custom emote faces and show them off as you please. Player profiles now allow custom messages for an added personal touch. Masks have been added as a new equipment layer, allowing you to further customize your appearance.

That's not all, though! We've expanded the world a bit. If you check out the old pathways that didn't lead anywhere, you just might be in for a surprise this time. We've added access to more buildings and some new NPCs, as well. There are 2 new challenges in the world to keep players occupied. They're tough, so you'll probably need to team up with a couple people! As you're exploring the world or facing its new trials, you'll be hearing our own original music from now on. That is, unless you disable it in the Settings menu, which is now partially functional! For a full list of changes, we've added a changelog under the 'Game' tab of our site navigation.

Lastly, we have a sort of Halloween event going on now. Hoard some candy and you might get a little surprise. We'll announce further details on that when Halloween draws closer. I know we've been slow with releasing v4, but now's the time to go full speed ahead... So LOOK *camera 360* OUT!

And remember... post any bugs you encounter on the forum!

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