Hiatus Extended

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Hiatus Extended

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Regretfully, it is my duty to announce that we must continue to disappoint our fans - the hiatus is still ongoing and we're not exactly sure when it will end. My apologies for posting this so late after our last post; each month, we were optimistic that we might be able to get back to work, so we delayed declaring the extended hiatus. Life has been busy, so we haven't been able to devote enough time to the game to bring it back online.

After 6 months offline, things might looks a bit bleak, but we haven't given up. Our busy lives are stabilizing in some regards, gradually heading towards less busy circumstances. For the time being, there's a little bit of progress on the art and graphics, as seen on the forum in "Weekly Spoiler II"! Anyway, we're still hoping to get back into full swing any moment now. Your continued patience is much appreciated! Be sure to follow us on social media or join our Discord server if you want to receive a notification when Re:Spite is back online.

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