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Re:Spite 2020

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Well, it's a new year, and it has been for a few weeks. Our homepage looked like it could use a new post for 2020, so here we are! I don't have anything special to announce at this time, I'm basically just letting everyone out there know we're still alive and working on the game when we can. Once again, work schedules in real life have not been kind to us, so development is looking a little slow for the time being. It's hard to say how things will turn out, but we're hoping to have more time and energy for the game than we did last year.

With each year of development, we take some steps closer to having a more enjoyable game on our hands. How about a quick recap?

*2014-2016: Early concepts, drafts, planning, and testing.

*2017: Functional maps, players able to login, player customization, basic inventory/equipment system, basic chat system, and interactive elements such as chairs introduced!

*2018: The game is enhanced by character creation with true customization, player profile windows, interactive treasure chests and signposts, basic combat including monsters and PvP stadium, leveling up, monster drops, NPC shops, save points, custom emotes, and music!

*2019: A crafting system and backend improvements are implemented.

2018 was a pretty impressive year for Re:Spite whereas we pretty much dropped the ball in 2019. We're hoping to do better and get that ball rolling again this year, though. Our plans for 2020 include a trading system, party system, and dungeons that focus more on puzzle solving and teamwork rather than grinding. If our real life schedules cooperate, we're hoping to do much more, but I suppose we'll just have to see how things go. In the meantime, we always appreciate feedback and encouragement; your support helps keep us motivated!

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