Board Rules (Read Before Posting)

If you find any bugs/glitches in the game, please post them here.
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Board Rules (Read Before Posting)

Post by Harlan » Oct 22nd, 2017, 3:46 pm

This a list of regulations and rules to follow when posting a bug report:

What is considered a bug?
1. A graphical glitch, such as player or map layering(face/hair/clothing) acting abnormally.
2. A game-client function glitch, such as your chat not working or other options in the HUD acting up.
3. A grammar/punctuation error.
4. A website error.

What should I include in my post?
1. A wholesome subject title.
2. A picture of the bug occurring, if applicable.
3. A description of how to recreate the bug.

Board Rules
1. Suggestions aren't allowed. Those go in a different section.
2. Please keep threads clean; any offensive/unhelpful replies will have disciplinary repercussions.

Thank you.