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New Website

Post by Danno »

The website redesign is basically complete! It's been stuck under construction for far too long. Various things happened since our last forum announcement post. Basically, I tried teaming up with a new programmer, he said he'd take care of the website and kept the hosting credentials to himself, things didn't work out, Abi rejoined the Re:Spite team, and then I became free to work on the website again. So, here it is.

I designed the site to be more visually appealing compared to before. It's also more mobile-friendly. The homepage is now dedicated to providing important information to newcomers rather than listing our announcement posts. The way I see it, it's annoying going to an MMO's website to find a bunch of irrelevant information about sales, events, and expansions. Newcomers, i.e. the people actually looking at the homepage, should have easy access to see what our game's about without having to investigate too hard.

Anyway, a few pages are blank right now. Some of them rely on the game client being online, so they'll get added at a later date. As for screenshots and artwork, I'll add them in the near future when I decide how to make it look. The forum is a bit default and mismatched at the moment; I'll work on it gradually as time/motivation allows. We're recoding the game from scratch, so it'll take a little time to get things up and running again.

Edit: Oh right, I think everyone's forum passwords have expired! You'll likely need to do a password reset to get your account working again.
We're having some technical difficulties with password resetting; it appears to be working, but it will most likely be in your spam folder.

Double Edit: Oh yeah, I broke everyone's avatars, so you'll have to upload a new one. Sorry!
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Re: New Website

Post by Cruise »

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Re: New Website

Post by Psyngelic »

We're back! Woo!
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