Tiny Xmas Event

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Tiny Xmas Event

Post by Danno » Dec 20th, 2019, 8:03 pm

Things have been busy again in real life, but I'll try and throw a little Christmas event. During the designated event times, you'll have to find Santa Claus in-game and talk to him. You will then be sent to another map with 5 skallug shells on the floor and will be permitted to take one at a time. If there's nothing underneath, you can pick up another one. If there's 1 gold underneath, your game of chance ends and you receive 1 item for each shell you picked up. If there's a skallug jewel underneath, you get a special prize!

These are the planned event times (note that the in-game clock is set to UTC):

*December 21 at 2:00PM ~ 3:00PM EST (December 21 at 7:00PM ~ 8:00PM UTC)

*December 21 at 8:00PM ~ 9:00PM EST (December 22 at 1:00AM ~ 2:00AM UTC)

*December 22 at 10:00AM ~ 11:00AM EST (December 22 at 3:00PM ~ 4:00PM UTC)

*December 22 at 5:00PM ~ 6:00PM EST (December 22 at 10:00PM ~ 11:00PM UTC)

*December 23 at 6:30PM ~ 7:00PM EST (December 23 at 11:30PM ~ 12:00AM UTC)

*December 25 at 11:00AM ~ 11:30AM EST (December 25 at 4:00PM ~ 4:30PM UTC)

Note: The December 23 event has been pushed forward 30 minutes from its original time due to a work schedule change. I can't guarantee I'll make it on time!

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Re: Tiny Xmas Event

Post by Sholto » Dec 20th, 2019, 8:16 pm

Sounds neat! I like the little twist from last year's event. And thanks for taking the time to put something on!
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