Demon's Suggestion - Dungeons

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Demon's Suggestion - Dungeons

Post by demonlord5000 » Dec 28th, 2019, 2:31 pm

I've been following the weekly spoilers (looks good btw), and I saw that you mentioned working on ideas for more natural dungeon progression.

Have you considered doing instanced dungeons (where you can choose to either go in by yourself, or with your current party), with varying difficulty levels? I know it's kind of a used mechanic in mmos already, but my thought process is in non-instanced dungeons you run into someone solving a puzzle, and then perhaps shortly later someone comes in and doesn't have to solve it because it hasn't reset yet. You could get around this somewhat by warping someone who solves it, but then if your with a party that means they might all have to solve it individually which depending on how complex puzzles get as the game develops, that could end up being annoying. I suppose you could also do party warps, but it would be kind of nice having a door visually open too as it feels a bit more rewarding that way.

This isn't so much a problem with mazes, but I imagine you want to do more than just mazes as the game goes on. The other problem is it would be difficult to do puzzles outside of instances. On one hand, it could be interesting to have chests that can only be opened by doing a puzzle, but on the other nobody wants to solve a chest only to find out its already been looted. I suppose you could get around this by having puzzles just permanently give you a key item, but then that could lead to multiple keys cluttering your inventory as it develops.

One last thought: Could be interesting having hidden areas behind puzzles. Maybe just do a simple warp for someone who solves them to avoid some of the problems I mentioned above.

What would be simple to do in a single player rpg is so much more complex in an mmo setting, but I hope these thoughts help.

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Re: Demon's Suggestion - Dungeons

Post by Danno » Dec 29th, 2019, 12:10 pm

Yep, I was pretty much thinking about all these exact things. I guess we won't know if we can have it instanced until we try (I'm not sure how hard that would be / how much strain it would put on the server), but instanced would certainly be best. My main concern with public dungeons is that people would just camp the boss, which would make a rather underwhelming conclusion for someone who makes it through a dungeon. I was thinking when a boss is dead, something like poison gas could fill the room to force would-be campers through a one way exit, then re-entering the dungeon might require a small admission fee. Furthermore, when a quest system is in place, players could get their reward via quest so they wouldn't have to rely on a chest at the end not being looted yet. There could be a repeatable quest that automatically gets picked up when you enter the dungeon, then it gets completed in the final room of the dungeon (after the boss). I was thinking about a warp to a treasure room before, too, but I think quests would handle that more appropriately.

Very good point about it being more satisfying to walk through the door yourself instead of suddenly being warped. I was also worried a sudden warp would cause players to miss out on any loot a boss drops.
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