Demon's Suggestion - Anti-Map Exploit

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Demon's Suggestion - Anti-Map Exploit

Post by demonlord5000 » Jan 11th, 2020, 1:07 pm

At first this didn't really bother me, but seeing it happen again on a more challenging map makes me want to suggest this.

The map exploit in question is logging off in a safe spot near a hard to get chest in order to farm hard to get gear for yourself. In the gauntlet you could log to the left of the iron mask chest relatively safely. Now I see death door getting completely destroyed with an alt luring all enemies to the right, while having your main safely logged out to the left with absolutely zero risk in order to farm rubber boots.

On the second map in particular, it may be worth walling it into sections so there arent any safe spots even if you stay logged in as well. I'm not sure if its actually possible to recreate this scenario with a logged in character, but it may be possible

Now that we have seen this happen a few times, I'm wondering if certain maps should kick you off to a nearby map or your save point when you log back into them. I think challenge type maps that have hard to reach chests should have this feature as an anti exploit measure.
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Re: Demon's Suggestion - Anti-Map Exploit

Post by Danno » Jan 11th, 2020, 1:41 pm

I was thinking of putting an aggro monster or two in the safe area of "death's door" to eliminate low level/afk alts, which should hopefully be good enough to prevent easy farming. Alternately, I was considering having a thicker row of stalagmites between the safe area and the danger zone so that no character from the outside could be close enough to bait the monsters at all. Sort of a hassle to expand the map and adjust the monster spawn coordinates with that, though.

The "logging out to avoid danger" thing is kinda interesting. I'm not sure what would be a good solution to that besides having monsters that closely guard the chest area. In tight spaces like this map, that'd pretty much make it mandatory to actually kill the chest guardian, which I guess might be okay since it was intended that players have to clear the monsters to reach the chest, anyway (though I don't mind players timing it so they can walk through the monster, that seems like a somewhat fair challenge on its own).

These monster challenge things will probably work better when the AI is better, I guess.
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